Cemetery Junction

"Recently I was in Burger King and a bloke in the queue said he'd loved Cemetery Junction so much that he wanted to pay for my burger. Obviously I let him. Who turns down free meat? Also, it was a nice example of how some people really engage with our stuff and fall in love it.

Cemetery Junction is a feel-good comedy-drama set in a small town in 1973 about three young mates drifting through life fighting, drinking and chasing girls.

Freddie is scared of ending up like his working-class dad (played by Ricky) so he gets a white-collar job with Mr Kendrick (Ralph Fiennes).

Cemetery Junction

Along the way, Freddie is reunited with his old school sweetheart Julie but drifts apart from his best friends Bruce, a rebel without a cause, and Snork, a lovable idiot.

With Cemetery Junction, Ricky and I wanted to capture some of the spirit and energy of those classic 1960s British New Wave movies and romanticise the England we remember from our childhoods. Personally, I also think we added a dash of the fun and sweetness I used to love in the John Hughes movies that I grew up with in the 80s.

Killer soundtrack too. We start with Elton John and end with Led Zeppelin. Dammit, that bloke should have bought me fries as well."

Stephen Merchant - Cemetery Junction

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