Steve, Karl & Ricky

" If you are not familiar with Karl Pilkington you should be. I consider the man both a dear friend and a complete imbecile.

Ricky and I once hosted a radio show and Karl was our producer. He quickly began to dominate the show with his idiotic ramblings. Favourite classic quotes from the round-headed cult include :

"You'll never see an old person eating a Twix"

"You won't get anything done by planning."

"What are those things in that film Gremlins called?"

"I was walking past a sex shop. It was open early, which I never understood, it was about eight o'clock in the morning. Who needs butt plugs then?"

"I saw a bee have a heart attack..."

Over the years, we've made a series of record-breaking podcasts and audiobooks, attracting millions of listeners worldwide. These recordings have since been turned into an animated TV show with Karl's nonsense imaginatively brought to life in a delightful, old-school Hannah-Barbera style.

We are also very proud of Karl for leaving his comfort zone and reluctantly agreeing to visit the Seven Wonders Of The World for a Sky TV show called An Idiot Abroad.

Described by some bloke in The Guardian as "ball-achingly dull" and by everyone else who has seen it as absolutely fucking hilarious, An Idiot Abroad features Karl reacting with total honesty to things like the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China.

It's unmissable.

Seriously. "

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