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See me on stage at the Wyndham's Theatre this summer.

3rd July - 26th September 2015 | Previews: 3rd July - 16th July 2015

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Hello Ladies: The Movie - UK Air Date


Hello Ladies: The Movie will be airing on Sky Atlantic, Tuesday 17th February at 9pm.

#AskMerchant 4

11/02/15 - #AskMerchant 4


#askmerchant 3


Ask Merchant 3


Merchant of Little Venice

28/01/15 - Merchant of Little Venice

Merchant of Little Venice

Happy New Year and Welcome to my new site!

20/01/15 - Welcome


I thought I would do a quick video message to tell you what to expect from this shiny new site and also start as I mean to go on by answering some of your Twitter questions. Watch for yourself and keep checking for future posts where I will be answering more of your questions. Thanks for dropping by. 




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