Stephen with The Rock


"As a writer/director you stress about the whole project. As an actor you just have to learn your lines and not fall over. So I do occasional appearances in movies if they sound like fun.

That's why I starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in Tooth Fairy and Owen Wilson in the Farrelly Brothers comedy Hall Pass. Both were amazing fun to do, like being paid to be on holiday."


"For two years I hosted my own radio show on BBC 6Music, nicknamed The Steve Show. I love working in radio, it's so relaxed and immediate. And I've always liked playing records at people. I ran a mobile disco when I was a kid, then I was a DJ on my university radio station and later on XFM in London. There is something very appealing about forcing people to listen to what you like, perhaps introducing them to something they haven't heard before, hoping they'll fall in love with it as well.

The Steve Show was a lot of fun. I hosted it with my mates and along the way I interviewed a lot of my favourite people, from Aimee Mann and Billy Bragg to LL Cool J and Mr T. We had great live sessions from people like Laura Marling and Amanda Palmer. One year we presented the show from the Glastonbury Festival and ten minutes before we were supposed to go on air the mobile studio blew up. We got on air an hour late in a foul mood.

I had to end the show because other work commitments became too demanding – and right after I quit, the BBC threatened to close the station down. Coincidence? Almost certainly."